Back to normal .

So we have had half term and before we know it ,its back to being hectic !! I already have a manic November with all sorts of meetings etc ,and it looks like it could get busier .

Im currently on  a course called living with autism which is fantastic .This is every Thursday and I have 2 more weeks .But I already have another relevant parent /special needs course booked for Jan .I think being around other parents in the same boat is sooo important!!

I have another cahms assessment for lynx in a few weeks because the first 2 hour one wasn’t enough .

Im doing training to become a beanstalk volunteer .

Due to the LA refusing to assess lynx I am appealing but now having mediation first .

There are phone calls emails other meetings and also a hospital appointment which im dreading.

How has my life become this roundabout of time and meetings etc .

I have over last few months got out of routine of exercise and when you look at my schedule is it any wonder but I don’t like feeling unfit so need to sort that out as its also important for mental health .

I have so much information etc in my head and have no one to share the load with and its easy to lose sense of you in it all .Not to mention having another child with her own needs .

I miss having  affection and reassurance but also a distraction from stress and the worries .

So I feel like a walking Filofax atm tho I do forget things lol

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