Im going to give a review ( a show of love ) for this tv show .I had seen a few episodes when it was on tv previously but for whatever reason I didn’t stick to it . So when 2 great authors on twitter were not only raving about this show but making fanfiction I knew I had to give it a watch !  As I couldn’t find on Netflix or on demand I ordered season 1 via amazon and stuck in .It was amazing ,eerie and sick yes but such clever tv Hannibal or mads mikkelsen gets in your head he is a fantastic actor who has a way of making things kind of sexual ?? will graham ,played by Hugh graham is gorgeous and he will pull your emotions. It is  a a game of cat and mouse one in which will comes to his senses too late .  How will is able to see the crimes is incredible and  the fact he was possibly on the autism spectrum kind of grabed my attention straight away . I was hooked and watched all 13 episodes within a week and instantly pressed that buy button for season 2.

By this point I was hooked ,living ,breathing  and dreaming Hannibal so the sensible thing to do would be to have a break …hell no on that season 2 went and I watched in 3/4 days .

Season 2 is even more gory several episodes and scenes lingering  a bit longer than others .

The chemistry between will and Hannibal is intense  and each episode is better and better

Im not even going it a review am I …im just saying its incredible and you need to watch it . I cannot wait till season  3 .

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