So many posts not enough time!!!

I keep thinking right I must blog about that ..oo and that an don’t forget that but either I’ve lost my writing mojo or there just hasn’t been the time .I think it could all be exhaustion lol that and half term and an on-going water infection  so thought id do a bit of everything that’s been happening lately .

1.lynx moving new school which has proven to be a hit with him settling in really well.He was star of the week which I blogged about previously .He had his parent/teacher consultation and to have him praised was music to my ears and you can see how this is affecting him .He is happier and im noticing a growth in confidence 🙂

2.Ive been doing a parent course called living with autism which is really interesting .

3.i am In process of appealing the decision made to not assess Lynx for a statement which I have been warned is stressful .Currently gathering information etc .

4.lynx had his initial CAHMS assessment which I wont lie drained me and left me really looking at myself and decisions I have made in this whole process …but I will go into this deeper at some point lol but let me say this whole special needs world is hard and never-ending !!! still waiting for an important hospital appointment ,I had one but had to cancel due to childcare and it being miles away…yet again I was asked can’t your mum help you ? how about your husband ? sensitive yep …. it made me realise that I am bloody one woman ship and wtf happens if im off-board ???

6.due to me breaking down and having a tough wkd I contacted social services so we have had a case worker and in all honesty she’s lovely and isn’t threatening to remove my kids !! shes in agreement that by lynx having a statement more support will be available to me as its hard going for just me ..

7.lynx will hopefully soon be part of a small group of other children on spectrum who will be doing activities once a week which gives me respite and will help him socially .

8.i have found a babysitter who lynx loves and I have used her twice ,one for me to have few drinks then to take Estelle out to cinema .

9.if all goes through ok I will be volunteering at lynxs school reading as part of beanstalk charity . ex ……well lets not say too much but I now know why lynx doesn’t go and Estelle clearly feels on edge about him .

So think that’s everything ,and its been half term which has been a great success …another post .

I’m on second lot of antibiotics so been feeling bit low and drained with that . I have also realised yet again some people talk shit which is disappointing not just for me b


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