My little star

I am linking up with Loud and proud hosted by in which we share a happy proud moment .For me its Lynx getting star of the week at his new school ,he is doing so well there .He has autism so change is scary and huge so it was always going to be tough but we moved school due to location.2 weeks in and Im so happy we have made that move as he seems happier and this school is ticking a lot of boxes for me as a mum .They have made us feel so welcome and him getting this award makes my so proud .

He had a special assembly which was too overwhelming for him and there was tears so his teacher collected his certificate for him . He got to give me a big hug before going back to his class and here is a picture of him with his invite and certificate .

He has also received 6 privilege cards and they get a certain amount they get invited to a privilege party and I think incentive and rewards are brilliant for supporting and encouraging  a childs learning and behaviour .Especially for my lynx who has low self esteem and lots of anxieties ,he has his first CAHMS appointment next week so this was just a very welcome achievement .

Im a very LOUD N PROUD mummy x

lynx starstar 2


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