Bad head

This post will probably sound very erratic but I need to get it out .

I feel shit today both emotionally and physically .

We have all cried tonight even Estelle . Im really feeling thrown by the changes of lynx moving school which is to be expected but I hate this inner turmoil feeling of unsettled .

I feel the last few days its like the events of recent years have hit me .

Leaving lee ,starting again ,moving over and over again ,new schools,court case ,domestic abuse ,family breakdown,lynxs diagnosis , losing friends etc etc .

I feel sick anxious and guilty .

I feel I have screwed my kids up.

I have got social services coming tommorw and im terrified ,but I requested the contact because I was at breaking point . But what happens if they feel im not up to the job which is how I feel most days .

I have days I feel I cant breathe ,I have no support or break from my kids .

All I see ar my kids and all they see is me ,they have no one to turn to or talk to so when things get tough its so intense .

Lynx doesn’t want to do anything go anywhere which  leaves Estelle missing out .

She has started to worry about me almost like shes responsible of me….this is wrong .

My kids have witnessed so much and we are still finding our feet .

We have minimum furniture ,our house needs so much doing so still doesn’t look homely which is another guilt .

I have demands of all of this and theres one of me ….

I never wanted this for my kids , they have a crap dad who pays no maintance ,no grandarents my side  ,friends come and go  .

Im meahnt to b going out for few drinks on sat first time in months and the first time left with babysitter in nearly a year and both kids have shown their upset im going and where im poorly I feel like not bothering .

Lynx didn’t have good day soo have the worry of him settling in new school ,was I right in moving him ?

Im waiting for important letters to come and lynx is seeing cahms soon.

I miss how things used to be .I used to get head space ,I used to have a social life ,we used to be able to go to cinema do fun things as a family .Now its always tears and panic attacks .

I don’t know how or when this happened .Think its been a year of change and has really thrown me so god knows how the kids feel .

Everything is hard and I need a few days /weeks to adjust my head,cry ,sleep and get over this cold .

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