Today was lynxs first day of his new school after months of that travelling to and from school which was taking about 3 hours of my day .This was leaving both me and lynx exhausted.

So it was fantastic when a place came u for a local school .

However with that comes change and I think today hit me and made me lose my bearings as so much has changed this year and always leaves me feeing unsettled . I have been going to that school since Estelle was 7 so its really an end of a era . Tis week will be a huge adjustment for both of us .

Lynx has took it all so well im incredibly proud of him and I really hope this is a start of something new and positive .

I was really happy when we viewed the school 🙂

The idea is I can do more now I have more hours bt for the next few days as I have been poorly im going to enjoy extra few hours to be lazy and just get head around the changes .

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