Busty babe Holly Hagan has had viewers of Geordie Shore glued to their screens ever since her arrival in the first series. Fed up with her dead end job at a call centre, and with dreams of being a star one day, Holly applied for a new reality TV show. She couldn’t know it was to catapult her into fame and make her one of the most recognisable faces on British TV. Fame and fortune, though, came at a price – the road from the call centre to the celebrity circuit has been far from smooth. For the first time, Holly is lifting the lid on the perks and perils she’s faced ever since her topless hot tub antics shocked the nation. Holly owes her success to a very simple change of look, which involved both a new bottle of red hair dye and a new found confidence. Ever since then, audiences have been in stitches as they watch Holly (and her flame-red hair) flirt her way around Newcastle’s famed ‘Diamond Strip’ and places further afield such as Magaluf, Cancun and Australia. In this action-packed, revealing, funny and sometimes heart-breaking memoir, Holly recounts her life in and out of the limelight with brutal honesty – from her childhood days when she was badly bullied, her shocking take on sex and dating, her liaison with bad-boy musician Frankie Cocozza and what really goes on behind-the-scenes on the UK’s biggest reality TV show  Filled with genuinely touching stories and inside accounts of what they don’t show you on TV, Holly has laid herself bare, first physically and now emotionally. If you think you know all there is to know about Holly from Geordie Shore, think again.

Thank you  to John Blake publishers for sending me a copy to review ,this is the first book they have sent .

I love autobiographies and must admit I havnt read one for while so made a nice change getting stuck into this . This is also the first one ive reviewed .

Geordie shore is a guilty pleasure ,cant help but get hooked . I find its perfect escapism from reality .

Theres a few of the cast members with books out and look forward to reading those .We form opinions on these people but have to remember we are only shown what the media wants us to see .

This book gives a sensitive insight into Hollys early days especially how she was raised In  a single parent family and as a single parent myself it was really heartwarming to hear her tales and how happy she was with her mum .

Holly struggled at school at the hands of bullies and this had and still has a huge impact on her .

She openly discusses her body issues and insecurities which once in media spotlight left her feeling vulnerable and exposed .

Her start in Geordie shore wasn’t plain sailing and I have always felt for her in how James mucked her about ,its always come across how sensitive she is in the show and this book just adds to my opinion of her .

She several times says how she regrets some of her decisions and how she is in no way a role model ! I commend her for this .

It sounds like she’s got her head screwed on business wise and family is very important to her .Its brilliant how she now has the opportunity to give back to her family like they did for her .

I whizzed through this and really enjoyed it 🙂

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