when will it change ?


Today im just feeling fed up of struggling fianancially ,emotionally and time wise.  I am on benefits and have been for 5 years ,I hate it as it wasn’t what I wanted ,just life happens and theres no guarantees .  I try my hardest to budget well but doesn’t always happen ,I have debts .  Im fed up of knowing there will never be anyone too help me as I have no parents etc and my ex doesn’t pay maintance or help with any costs …coz hes a cock basically . Its all on me and its hard and frustrating .

When will I find a nice man to treat me or put smile on my face ? I miss affection and compliments and someone being there for ME ,ive been single 4 years now and I look at other single mums who find men and I do think when is it my turn .Bt then how do u meet someone when never out and with kids all the time .

Im only 31 yet days like today I feel so much older ,this isn’t the life I wanted that’s why I worked hard at school and carried on studying .I have ambition and goals and im intelligent yet my life doesn’t show that .

Im fed up of living in a huse I have n idea how or when will be decorated and feel homely .

So anyway today once my shopping has been delivered im sleeping .

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