Best friends tell you everything; about their kitchen renovation; about their little girl’s schooling. How one of them is leaving the other for a younger model.

Best friends don’t tell lies. They don’t take up residence on your couch for weeks. They don’t call lawyers. They don’t make you choose sides.

Best friends don’t keep secrets about their past. They don’t put you in danger.

Best friends don’t always stay best friends.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Tamar and getting my copy of this book signed and she was really lovey and inspiring .This is the first book of hers I have read and am now going to read all of them!!

This book is fantastic ,gripping ,chilling and addictive .

Marriages break down s often these days its seen as the social norm ,but what happens when the aftermath of a couple breaking up ripples into those closest to them .This story shows exactly what happens and its not a  pretty sight .

I felt very uncomfortable with Sasha and her quite dramatic in your face ways ,she was cross and wanted everyone  to know that.Her pride was hurt by her husband and her need for perfection had been jeopardised.

She had this hold over Hannah and you want to give her a shake and say just say no to her !!

Between the narratives of Josh and Hannah there are extracts of a young girl which add to the suspense and chilling factor .

A brilliant suspense filled gripping psychological thriller ,could not put this down .


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