feet up

Due to me randomly pulling my calf muscle last week this week has seen me hobbling and in pain.So rather than me going swimming rushing round etc I have been coming home after school run and doing lazy stuff .

Ive watched a dvd ,tv ,read,baked ,blogged and ive even had 2 decent phone calls one with a friend and one with my sister .

Ive found over recent months I have times where im quite uncommunicative due to lack of time and obv being stressed etc .So it was nice to actually feel ok to put feet up in bandage and chat and laugh .

Its felt much needed as since kids have gone back its been busy with various things and the next few weeks are going to start getting busy.

I feel like I’ve benefited  from this time and recharged a bit .

A previous counsellor of mine said sometimes the body does things to make us stop and take stock for a moment.

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