One woman’s fear is a another woman’s weapon…

”When I look back on my relationship with Kathy I marvel at how naive she was, how little she knew.

But then, she always thought she had everything: the job; the baby; the friends; and him. She thought she was safe. She thought that nothing could touch her perfect world.

She should never have trusted me.”

A woman sets out to destroy a female colleague in this chilling psychological thriller.

I read this within a day mainly on my way home from The Hampstead and Highgate Literacy Festival where I listened to a talk from authors of psychological thrillers.This was a great experience and im really pleasd I went as I think previously I may not have had that confidence. The author line up was Sophie mckensie ,Jane Lythell and Tamar Cohen.

Unfortunately for unforeseen circumstances Sophie wasn’t there.

I have read a lot of sophies books but hadn’t read the works of Jane and Tamar .So I brought a copy of their books which I got signed 🙂 and they were both inspirational clever lovely ladies .

Back to the book now … I was so eager to start especially after hearing Jane read a extract .She already made Heja sound very eerie and a character bound to get under your skin. I was not disappointed ,the book flips from her point of view and Kathys so as a reader we get right into each womens head. Heja is incredibly cold and does things that make you ask why is she doing that ? what is she trying to achieve? she is indeed a calculating eerie character and not someone I would like in my life that’s for sure.

You wonder how Kathy is so oblivious to whats clearly happening under her nose but isn’t life so busy and stressful we don’t notice everything?

I could really relate to Kathy espeicially when Jane described her as a LEAKY person ,this made me giggle but mainly because that’s how I see myself ,I show my emotions and wear my heart on my sleeve .Also her angst and love for her son I think all mothers can understand .

The contrast between these 2 women couldn’t be any more dramatic so the question is what is Hejas problem with Kathy??

Jane said how some readers felt smpthaty for Heja and she wanted to know if I did …my answer is I don’t know .She was obvioslu a very unhappy women for reasons you will need to read to find out .Human emtions can make you do strange crazy things and not think rationally but as a mum I felt more towards Kathy and her family .

This is a cleverly written gripping chilling book and especially for  a debut novel .

I really recommend and look forward to her next release in January 2015.



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