I don’t need the perfect guy.

I don’t need candlelight or roses.

Honestly, I don’t even need a real bed…

Ellie Kolstakis is a twenty-one-year-old virgin.

She’s not religious. She’s not waiting for marriage. She’s not even holding on for The One.

Ellie’s just unlucky.

But with her final year of university coming to an end, she’s determined to shed her V-plates, once and for all.

And she’s ready to try anything – from submitting to her domineering Greek mother’s matchmaking skills to embracing the world of nether-waxing trends (no-one wants a ‘Hitler’) and even YouTube tutorials on how to give a ‘blow gift’ (it should never be a job).

After all, what has she got to lose? Well, besides the obvious.

Firstly thank you to Shane at Mills and Boon for sending me a copy to review.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in all honesty but its so exciting to discover new authors.

This book is FUNNY and I mean FUNNY … I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop howling very loud on the bus .

We go on a journey with Ellie and its a personal one …we witness her first waxing experience amongst other intimate events .

I think there are a  lot of pre conceived ideas about virgins that are adults ,which is kind of sad as its such a big deal and why is it seen more normal in society to lose your virginity under 18 than above ?

This book will make you turn all those ideas on their head and embrace the fact that this student is still  a VIRGIN despite trying .

Despite the fact I had kids young I could honestly relate to Ellie as I was a very late starter in comparison to others lol .I was the one who boys asked to hook up with my friends …still not much as changed really lol

I think this Is a original and refreshing concept and I really enjoyed it .

Go and read it …you may even learn a thing or two ;P










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