A good day

I am very aware a lot of what I blog tweet post etc can be negative ,albeit its honest and from the heart .Its so easy to not point out when you are feeling positive etc.So after a all round positive day in which I woke up on a mon feeling unusually alive and ready for the day!! After I dropped lynx off at school I went straight to the pool which I know is one of ways I manage my mental health and after 6 weeks of not going I as ready to get in that water. Its just space and time to clear my mind which is always so busy.

I also arranged a meeting /interview for some upcoming volunteer work .

Nothing amazing happened today I have just felt happy …on the verge of manic which is one my concerns with my mental health is that I can have extreme highs and lows .  But I can deal with that ,it felt good to have a clear head today and feeling positive .





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