August book wrap up

Here is my list of books ive read this month.i took part in a readathon middle of august where I read 8 books in a week.for some reason wordpress on my laptop isnt workinh sk im doing thid on my phone so cant add review links next to the books.
Anyway heres my list

1 . power games by victoria fox …reviewed for mira

2 . pandemonium by lauren oliver…own book

3.paper swans by jessica thompson..reviewed for bookbridgr

4 . thirteen weddings by paige toon..library book

5.what a girl wants by lindsey kelk…library book

6.two for joy by helen chandler…library book

7.picture perfect..geek girl 3 by holly smale…estelles book

8.the unfinished symphony of you and me by lucy robinson…own book

9.where love lies by julie cohen…competition win

10.when fraser met billy by louise booth. …reviewed for bookbridgr

11.beautiful day by elin hilderbrand …reviewed for bookbridgr

12.this is a love story by jessica thompson …own book

13.before we met by lucie Whitehouse ….own book

14.three little words by jessica thompson …own book

15.maybe someday by colleen hoover…own book

16.panic by lauren oliver ….reviewed for bookbridgr

17.all fall down by Jennifer weiner …reviewed for simon  and schuster

18.if I stay by gayle forman…estelles book

19. The story of us by dani atkins…own book

20 .waiting for doggo by mark b mills …reviewed for headline

21.uglies by scott Westerfield …estelles book

22.daughter by jane shemlit …own book

23.the marriage mender by jane green ….reviewed for quercus

24.the honeymoon hotel by hester browne …reviwed for quercus

25.finding cinderella by colleen hoover a novella ..own book


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