No-one ever called Dan a pushover. But then no-one ever called him fast-track either. He likes driving slowly, playing Sudoku on his iPhone, swapping one scruffy jumper for another. He’s been with Clara for four years and he’s been perfectly happy; but now she’s left him, leaving nothing but a long letter filled with incriminations and a small, white, almost hairless dog, named Doggo. So now Dan is single, a man without any kind of partner whether working or in love. He’s just one reluctant dog owner. Find a new home for him, that’s the plan. Come on…everyone knows the old adage about the best laid plans and besides, Doggo is one special kind of a four legged friend…and an inspiration


Thank you to Frances at Headline for kindly sending me a copy to review.I was doing a readathon when this arrived so was really happy to add this to my pile. I wasn’t sure what to expect in all honesty as haven’t read any of this authors other books ..

This is a little gem of  a book with some genuine funny moments whilst dealing with what life is throwing at Dan .I really liked this character he was honest witty and  needed healing.

This is a real book ,no airs and graces no pretending to be something it isn’t.

Its a story of hope love friendship and how you pick yourself up  when your not quite feeling yourself .

Me and kids are in progress of looking for a dog to join our family and this book clearly and sensitively shows how fulfilling and loving dogs are .

It does touch on serious matters too and I feel that through each chapter dan finds himself a little more .

This is due to be published on 20th November 2014

A great read and will there be more adventures in sore for this unlikely duo ?




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