My name is Harriet Manners, and I’ll always be a geek.”

It’s the hilarious third book in the bestselling award-winning GEEK GIRL series!

Harriet Manners knows more facts than most.

She knows that New York is the most populous city in the United States.

She knows that its official motto is ‘Ever Upward’.

She knows that one in thirty-eight people living in the US lives there.

But she knows nothing whatsoever about modelling in the Big  Apple and how her family will cope with life stateside. Or ‘becoming a brand’ as the models in New York say. And even more importantly, what to do when the big romantic gestures aren’t coming your way from your boyfriend…

Does geek girl go too far this time?

The laugh out loud follow-up to award-winning debut GEEK GIRL and MODEL MISFIT will have you in stitches!



I can only apologise to Holly for taking so long to read this latest instalment of Harriets adventures. We have had it since it come out and Estelle whizzed through it laid up ill in bed .

I read this in one afternoon and just love these characters so much.

I laugh so much at these books that the kids ask me if im ok ??  lol

Harriet is so funny !! And her dad is my favourite dad character in any book and even more so now I know he’s based on Hollys own dad!!

We as very lucky to meet Holly in Feb and she is lovely and you can see her personality  so much in the words she writes.

I did several times say no what are you doing as Harriet does like to get in some sticky situations!!

I think every school should have these books because as well as being funny and easy to read I think they have  important message…BE YOURSELF ! LOVE AND EMBRACE WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE .

Both me and Estelle love these books which I think is brilliant so thanks Holly for writing such awesome books ….so quick get back to writing more ….!




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