Blog tour and review of UGLY LOVE BY COLLEEN HOOVER

Today is my turn to share my review for Ugly love …let me rephrase that my turn to squeal and share my love for this book .

I read it in a few hours and cried at the end ,dreamt about Miles and woke up still feeling emotional.

I jumped at the chance to review this book so thank you The hot bed.

I have only read 2 of her other books and they are slammed and point of retreat and I fell in love with will and Colleens writing.

She has a way of catering your heart and it melts!!

But if Will affected any one else just wait till you meet Miles !!

He is something else and your heart aches for his loss and pain and want to give himself a chance to be happy again .

This book is fantastic .We read Tates story in the present and Miles story in the past so we slowly learn why he is defensive and guarded and its really sad.

As well as it being a fantastic romantic storyline with great characters its also HOT and SEXY!  

This is set to be this summers hot read in my eyes .

Published on the 5th august.



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