Summer holidays .

 Well its that time of year folks ….summer holidays !! 6 weeks of pleasure or hell?? lol

I will be very honest and say I always have mixed feelings about the long stretch of kids being off. Pros and cons.

This year it has all changed and I find change and endings hard .

I usually share the holidays with their dad  which does ease the pressure . However its only Estelle who has gone there so I have lynx for weeks ,which is ironic as hes the harder one lol .

So I will admit it is a little daunting to know im doing the whole 6 weeks and ive had to get my head around it.

I feel exhausted already ,literally stop for 5 mins and my eyes get heavy and this makes me think shit how will I feel after 6 weeks !!! eek!

However I am so glad to kiss goodbye to that bloody school run which since we move in feb has lierally been my life .I literaly don’t feel I have stopped since then.

With the summer comes no routine no pressures  no rushing out the door and quality time with my kids .

So heres what we have planed /hope to do .

  • Holiday club with Bexley nas club
  • Haven holiday
  • museums
  • Parks
  • Swimming
  • Reading challenges /library visits
  • Lazy days

However with lynx sometimes things don’t always run smoothly but I am positive we will have a fun summer ,even more positive is fact we have a garden this year which is fantastic after years of being in a flat.

Be warned I will have the odd moany tweet because I am a single parent with no support,i have a child with autism and I suffer with mental illness but more importantly because im a human and I wil say it as it is lol.

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