Facing the fear …..



So I did something today ,not something huge but a fear none the less. I the  went to cinema on my own for the first time !! Its something ive always felt funny and scared of doing on my own and stucj with going with kids .However Estelle des lots with her frieds now and lynx isn’t keen on going due to social anxieties. I was finding myself getting Frustrated at these films coming out and not being able to watch them. But hang on im a adult ,I do lots on my own and cope so why not go and see that film.

I put a tweet out and got lots of encouragement and I ahd also seen a video  and read a blog that Lucy Robinson whos a great author had done about facing fear and it really inspired me .

I survived ,loved the film and felt liberated because I had set a goal and done it …will I do it again? YES!!

This has also made me think of other fears I have …..

I feel very positive and so proud of myself for achieving this .



One comment on “Facing the fear …..

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