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Oz has turned into a savage dystopia under Dorothy s rule and now a new girl from Kansas must take her down. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz meets Kill Bill in this edgy, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Somewhere over the rainbow…something has gone terribly wrong. A twister has hit Kansas again, and this time it whisks away a girl named Amy Gumm. At first, Amy is thrilled to have left her trailer park life behind. But instead of the magical land where troubles melt like lemon drops that she knows from the books and the movies, she discovers the place has been destroyed. And it s all Dorothy s fault. Amy soon joins up with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked a group of deposed witches and warlocks who are determined to end Dorothy s oppressive reign, and who need Amy’s help. They teach her the secrets of witchcraft and combat and then they give her an impossible mission: steal back the Tin Woodman s heart, the Scarecrow s brain, and the Lion s courage. And when she s done, Dorothy must die. Perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer and Gregory Maguire, this gripping, action-packed debut puts a fierce and compelling new spin on a beloved classic. Debut author Danielle Paige transforms the lush land of Oz that we all know and love into an edgy world where nothing is ever what it seems.
This was my first book from Harper 360 I was sent to review and I was so thrilled and excited ,so a huge thanks to Justine for sending me it . I adore the cover and it just intrigued me so when it arrived I was dying to get started however….my daughter come home school and stole it!!! She whizzed through and loved it , and is already wanting to download the prequel .It was carried everywhere with her and her school friends loved the look of it so she will be spreading the word.
Once she had finished I could enjoy it. I really enjoyed it ,a modern twist on a classic and I love the dystopian setting to it. It was edgy gruesome in some parts and really different.
The way it has been written is incredibly clever ,I did find at times it was maybe too descriptive and long winded but maybe that’s my older brain .
It makes you think and question what is good and bad…I saw wicked the musical last year which I loved and again proves the story isn’t always as it seems .
I didn’t like the ending ,both me and Estelle felt cheated however you can see the aim of doing that .
 A fresh modern dark take on a classic fairytale that can be enjoyed by teenagers and their mums 😉
This is released on July 4th and you can buy it here
   Watch the trailer here (10,000 views!)
Check out the Facebook page (10,000 likes!)

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