This was first  shown on BBC 3 Monday 23rd June however I didn’t watch it then as knew this would affect me deeply and wouldn’t sleep. With things like this I take advantage of having catch up and record facility so I can pause and watch any time usually during day when kids at school .

This is based on the true story of a 21 year old who after years of emotional and physical abuse was killed by her boyfriend, I think its knowing this makes it that more dramatic.

Over the years I have seen a lot of tv and films use domestic abuse as a storyline  and of course they each in different ways have a emotional impact but this was something else .This is the most realistic emotional and harrowing portrayal of domestic abuse ad this is from someone who’s life was dominated by it for 8 years.

This programme managed to convey all those little emotions and scenarios that build up to those slammed doors and at worse neck being grabbed . I cried and cried so much for the lady who lost her life ,for the women still suffering and for the part of me that I will never get back as a result of this abuse .

So many people question why do they stay ? why do they take them back? If you have ever asked this then you need …HAVE to watch this because this will give you a deeper understanding .

The acting and writing was amazing and defiantly needs an award for this emotional and powerfully accurate piece of drama .



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