what a week

Well im going to write this while I have the peace and time . Now lynx is sleeping (heaven ) and Estelle is much better (not coughing ) lol shes back in her on bedroom tonight .

The last few weeks have been pretty crap really due to illness etc however last week was just something you would predict to watch on eastenders.Sometimes I feel my life is one big episode?? 

I found out that my ex the kids dad had reported me to social services with false accusations. This isn’t the first time he has done this ,for some reason his main objective in life is to make my life difficult. Each time he does this I have to be questioned and its bloody horrible .My kids are my world and he knows how to get to me .

Im not going to go into it in great detail  but needless to say my emotions have been all over place .

On top of that Estelle has been ill for over 2 weeks ,which led me to take her to hospital where we was for over 5 hours .It was very worrying at one point but in the end im glad to say it was just a bad virus and a chest infection .With new antibiotics she started improving within 24 hours …thank god!!!

It was also lynxs birthday which kind of took a back seat which led to feelings of guilt on my behalf.His plans have been postponed ,however he was so gracious and happy 🙂 LOVE HIM !!

So anyone who read my erratic tweets last week that was what was happening ,its never going to ever be completely drama free but im twice the woman I was now and he cant beat me .

So yes its fathers day and I will forever be thankful and resect him for giving me 2 beautiful children ,I can not wish him happy fathers day .  I don’t have a dad, well I actually have 2 but hey long story .I have none in my life so its one of those days in my eyes .

Here’s to a fresh week where both kids are at school and Estelle and I are going to Wembley on Saturday !  I am going to take them for a  meal tomorrow after school as a late birthday treat .

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