From the author of Mums Like Us comes a fun, witty novel about what it’s like when an ordinary mum has had enough. Perfect for fans of Pedigree Mum and The Mummyfesto.


It was just a squashed grape on the kitchen floor. Hardly a reason to get upset, right?


But six years of motherhood has left Lisa Stratton feeling like a skivvy.


Every morning before she’s opened her eyes, she starts her mental inventory of jobs to do. And just like yesterday, the day before and every day since she became a mum, she’s woken up knackered.


So when her husband deliberately steps over the grape because it’s ‘her responsibility’ to run the house, it tips her over the edge.


He wasn’t always like this – they used to share everything.


Then the kids came along and he saw it as an excuse to sit back.


But this time things are going to change. Lisa has made a decision. She’s going on strike.


I have been following laura on twitter for ages and been meaning to read this as sounds right up my street ! So when I saw this at library I dived on it.

Its a easy fun read but don’t be fooled as there are also some serious aspects surrounding domestic abuse which struck a chord with me .

I loved the concept because lets face it what mums out there don’t have days where they have had enough??

I loved  Lisas husband he rallied trough in the end for her .

I wish I could go on strike but then nothing would get done lol

Funny book about womens rights and friendships and dirty dishes !


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