Letter 9 letter writing challenge

On jennyinneverland.com letter 9 is to a teacher whether it be a favourite or worse. I was a absolute geek at school I loved learning and I still do . School was where I escaped the crap from  home ,granted  I was called names at school too bt I could put my head down !

However my letter is to a tutor I had at college about 8 -9 years ago in psychology .

To maria ,

Hi how are things? where are you working now ? I am writing this letter to say thank you for being a strong role model when I needed it most and opening my eyes.I built my inner strength through learning about psychology and  I loved every minute of it .You was from London to and we was in midlands so we had that instant connection .You was such a strong woman who had great tales and passion when you taught .  I was in a bad marriage at the time and college was my escape ,I left him not long after I finished my course .

Education is vital in self growth and belief !!

I am now living back in London with my 2 kids ,my path has changed a great deal but I will never forget my Monday evening psychology lessons .I also still love Freud,i visited his museum last year ,was amazing to be there .

From charlene


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