This is how im feeling 10.15 and feeling like ive not had a mins peace . Its been half term and we have all been ill , so lynx was back at school so had to do school run whilst poorly and Estelle is off.So ive took her to docs and chemist ,been u and dwn the stairs looking after her .Pick lynx up take him to get school shoes ,he was ina delightful mood then bang its bedtime so lets play up.So again im up and down the stairs laying with him wiping his tears ,all the while Estelle is coughing calling for me .

Quite frankly my head feels like its going to burst .!!! As I tweeted earlier whos asked how I am ? offered me a drink? passed me my antibitcs ? no one .

Im very aware im negatve atm  😦

Its becoming a difficult task trying to get hold of the paedtriccian from the autism department ,he rings me my phone is playing u.i ring back leave message …this has been going on for a  week now .

I need lynx to sleep ,I get no break but least if he sleeps I can get my evenings to choose what to do .

Coz yes its 10.30 now and I should go to bed but I need MY time .

Also feeling today annoyed that I have the financial pressure of paying for everything .Why did I have kids with a dad who don’t support his kids ? Why havnt I gt parents in my life to be doting grandparents and help occasionally .

Anyway I now have a headache and want to cry .Im very boring and miserable atm sorry




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