Letter number 8 .letter writing challenge

This letter  in jennyinneverland.com  list is to a author.I am annoyed because I wrote this up last night for wordpress to lose it??  So if his letter is rubbish ill just say the other one was far better . This is the letter I was most excited about writing .

As everyone knows im a huge bookworm and therefore see authors as heroes .They work their magic for our enjoyment . So there’s so many authors I could have chosen .I have though chosen Rowan Coleman who in the short space of 2014 is becoming one of my favourite inspirational authors and women . So here goes

Dear Rowan,

First of all I apologise if I have bored you with my tweets of admiration ! However thank you for communicating with me.I wish twitter was around when I was younger as I would have loved to have spoken to authors as books were literally my saviour ,well still are .

How do you manage to express such raw deep emotions through words? I have only read 3 of your books and only discovered you this year and each book has made me cry  and hold the book when finished with love . As I mentioned to you before and in my review of dearest rose I have been in an abusive relationship so being able to read that portrayed so well was amazing .

Where do you get your inspiration from ? I would love to be an author but just don’t feel I have enough creative juices!! I have my own life story im dying to get out there and have been advised it may be better to write in the form of  a novel….havnt got  a clue where to even start !! What is a typical writing day for you and how do you find the time ?

Who are your favourite authors now and when you was younger?

Other than reading/writing what are your passions ?   If you wasn’t writing best-selling books what would you have liked  to have been doing ?

Estelle was very lucky to receive a letter from you as part of your very own letter challenge, thank you so much for that and you even managed to make her cry which she doesn’t do often .

I think another reason I connect with you and your books is because I lack a mother figure ,obviously you are far too young to be classed as that lol but as a role model if that makes sense .  I feel at the age of 31 I still haven’t got a clue !!!

Do you have any words of wisdom from woman to woman ?

Lastly im so pleased I have discovered you and your fantastic beautiful books and hope you have enjoyed reading this letter as much as I enjoyed writing it .

From charlene









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