Half term wash out

Well this half term has sucked tbh as we have all been ill !! How typical the time we get to enjoy having a break from school run and we have been stuck indoors . I have serious cabin fever now and anyone with mental health issues will know this is lethal !! I think im so used to being busy !!

We had plans for Friday and today so have been gutted we had to cancel them .The house is a mess as quite frankly ive not had the energy to even brush my hair.

Both lynx and I are on anibiotics and Estelle has been sick and with a fever .

I do not feel ready for school on Monday esp as that’s it for 7 weeks till they break up for summer .

It seems whenever I get back into my swimming and being busy my body decides to shut down .

I have slept when I can ,read and rested and stalked Jack pack on twitter lol ….OBSESSED .

That’s what not getting out does to your head .But needles to say they are awesome and hot (alfie) .

I have to try and venture out tomorrow lets hope I have some strength .I think when your poorly you start to think you are on the mend then overdo and back to feeling weak .

The kids may not even be better for school .

But now for some positives!!!

Estelle has been selected to go to Thorpe park at end of school year due to good behaviour attendance and hard work at school so im very very proud .Her starting secondary school was huge for me and this is a excellent end to the school year ..so well done babe .

Last week I received a email from penguin books to say I had been selected to go on their list of book reviewers which is very exciting .Without me realising I have got some contacts in the publishing world and able to review fantastic books .

Due to being poorly today we was unable to meet Francesca Simon at bluewater waterstones which we was gutted as lynx is a huge fan .The store itself were amazing as I contacted them and explained about lynxs autism and they said he wouldn’t have to queue  and when we wasn’t there they sent me a message on twitter. They are sending lynx a parcel and wished us all get well and also Orion books are sending him a bookplate .So im overwhelmed by their kindness!

Last weekend me and my sister had a amazing night out where we danced and had lots of fun .Her partner had lynx for me and it felt great to let hair down .

Hope your half term has been good!

We have some fun things planned in the net month to make up for this week lol .Lynxs bday and trip to roald dahl museum and me and Estelle are going to summertime ball !!


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