Alex, a career officer in an elite regiment, returns from Afghanistan a changed man. He has left the army behind and is attempting to forge a civilian career as a security advisor. His wife, Juliet, is delighted. She, Alex and their son, Ben, now live in a well-appointed house in a leafy London suburb.

But all is not well. Juliet’s research on the internet suggests that Alex is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but pride means that he will not seek professional help.

Finding solace in web forums, Juliet is offered the use of a cottage and is urged to remove Ben to a place of safety. After a lot of secretive planning and the financial support of Alex’s mother who had suffered at the hands of her husband, Juliet and Ben escape the tyranny of their home with the hope of starting afresh…

First let me say thanks to cutting edge press for sending me this to review ,its my first book from them and look forward to hopefully reCIeving more in the future .

As I received a review copy the cover was bare which is interesting because it prevents you as a reader to basillie a opinion before reading .You go in with quite a little information which is exciting

This book had me gripped within the first chapter and I think that’s a sure sign you are in for a epic read!!

It is a dark read that at times was chilling to read .The writing makes you feel tense and on edge and ,scared .

I have experienced a abusive relationship so could relate to the storyline and the sense that you are walking on eggshells ,scared to upset Alex .

Although it was very clear early on that alex was the bad guy in this book you could almost have sympathy for him because we had his narrative .

There was a unexpected twist which makes for a good read .

I didn’t put this book down ,reading standing up in chemist and waiting for my bus.

A must read for those who like books that make their skin crawl !

Released on 1st july




  1. That sounds like a gripping read! I’m sorry you had to go through a relationship like that.
    I love a book that I can’t put down whatever I do or wherever I go. I’ve been late at appointments so many times because I couldn’t stop reading…

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