Letter writing challenge letter number 7

jennyinneverland.wordpress.com number 7 letter is to a tv character .

It took me a while to choose as don’t feel I have watched much tv lately .But what I always watch are my soaps so I have chosen Carol from eastenders.


Dear Carol,

So we are currently watching you go through huge changes at the moment . How are you doing ?How does one get up in the morning and face the day knowing what challenges lie ahead ? I have not had much experience and lack awareness of cancer so I feel im scared of the unknown .I am a mum like you and I imagine there were top of your thoughts ? Life doesn’t seem to have been easy on you and there are times ive felt like that .

You have a inner strength  that I don’t know I would have in your situation .

Are you able to look forward or are you looking back to your past ?

What are your happiest moments in your life ? What is it that keeps you going ?

Describe to me your love for david and how hard that must of been to let him go .

Sending you a huge hug and cake

Lots of well wishes love from charlene



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