May wrap up #Thismonthiread

Im linking up with  for this month I read.Its the first time ive done this .

This month I took part in bout of books readathon . to lose weight and alienate people by Ollie Quain ,review here

2.lessons in laughing out loud by Rowan Coleman

3.Pedigree mum by Fiona Gibson ,review here

4.Collide by Gail McHugh ,review here

5.The best thing that never happened to me by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice ,review here

6.Another night another day by Sarah Rayner ,review here

7.precious thing by Colette Mcbeth ,review here

8.Mad about you by sinead moriarity

9.The time of our lives by Jane Costello ,review here

10.Never google heartbreak by emma Garcia ,review here

11.Dear thing by Julie Cohen ,review

12.A special delivery by Clare Dowling ,review

13.the no kids club by Tali Rowland review to come

14.Dearest Rose by Rowan Coleman ,review

15.who are you by Elizabeth Forbes ,review to come

16.One night in Italy by Lucy Diamond review here

17.Wonder by Rj palicio review here

18.Dont even think about it by Sarah Mlynowski

19.Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman review here

20. Quarter past two on a Wednesday afternoon by Linda newbery review to come

I have started a few other books which didn’t really work for me and im 60 pages into The saint by Tiffany Reisz


One comment on “May wrap up #Thismonthiread

  1. Wow! You’ve read a lot this month. Will work my way through your reviews 🙂 Thanks for linking up

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