letter writing challenge letter 5 a historical figure .

So todays letter from jennyinnneverland.wordpress.com is to a  historical figure and there are so many but im going to choose NelsoN Mandela.









Dear Nelson,

I am writing this letter to you with the upmost respect and admiration for you .Your bravery and strength are skills many humanh s could do with learning to gain.

I recently watched Idris Elbas portrayal of you in the film Long walk to freedom in which I cried mainly .

You was in prison for nearly the whole of my age in years ,how does someone manage that and still be smiling ?

What kept you going everyday ? What simple things did you miss the most? How did you deal with the anger and frustration at what had happened to you.

If you could advise countries with on-going disagreements over religion and race what would you say ?

What would you have liked to have done the most all them years you was locked up?

Many of your quotes live on now in  2014 and you will always be a icon .

Yours sincerely Charlene




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