Letter writing challenge letter 4 -book charactar

So letter 3 as listed by jennyinneverland.wordpress.com is to a book character and Im going to be honest an say im struggling to think of one!

I went away from writing that line this morning and thought Im going to write  to a character  I recently encountered in Rowan Colemans beautiful book Dearest Rose .  I was so touched my this book which I reviewed last week .

Dear Rose ,

I am so pleased that you had the courage to leave your husband .Not only as a woman but as a woman who did the same in January 2008 with my 2 children so as I was reading about your journey I could relate so much .

It takes so much courage and inner strength to do what we did .

I wont lie there are hard days ahead of you and there is damage done at a deep level by that man . 6 years  on and I still find it hard to let people in and do not know how to receive a compliment .

When you feel scared and unsure be soo proud and look at the sky and the freedom of a happy future you have ahead of you .

Lots of love and best wishes from Charlene  x

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