Letter writing challenge letter 3 ..to an online friend you have never met

jenny pforest

Well I thought it was quite fitting to write to the lovely jenny herself who has set  this challenge up and you can find her blog at jennyinneverland.wordpress.com

Dear jenny,

hello how was your Monday been ? Do you enjoy the heat ? I was thinking of choosing you anyway for this letter and then I read one of your tweets tonight which confrmed my choice . Your tweet being about doing things wrong because people around you of similar age are having babies etc . Now listen here young lady there is no right or wrong way of how we live our lives and what age things happen. The main thing is we are happy and living life to its potential .I am going to be very honest now in what I say …I have  2 children and I often feel MY life and opportunities are passing me by .I had my daughter at 18 was married and had another child by 23 ,yet now im 31 and im a single parent on benefits .

In life there are no guarantees and there really is no rush .Take this time to find who you are ? Because when you becoming a wife or a mother it can take some of our identity away .Enjoy having the choices you have ,lie in ,watch adult tv ,see the world and BE YOU !!

I love my kids but when I was younger  I didn’t even want kids ,I planned on being a holiday rep and escaping my family asap. Then love happened …. I thought I was so wise and I wasn’t .

Life is a funny old thing and in the words of forest Gump its like a box of chocolates … You know the rest lol

Aside from all that I am pleased to know you via twitter 🙂

Feel free to write to me back even if its to tell me to butt out lol


from Charlene xx


3 comments on “Letter writing challenge letter 3 ..to an online friend you have never met

  1. Awww this is so lovely! I’m so touched that you decided to write to me!

    Haha that tweet last night, I’m not saying I particually want to get married and have kids right now (because I don’t!) it’s just there’s sooo many people who are, and fair enough to them if that’s what they want to do, each to their own and all that but it makes me wonder whether because so many people are SHOULD I be thinking about it? You know? Like, is this normal? Is this the normal age people start thinking about these things? That’s how it seems to me and I was just wondering whether I was missing something! Haha.

    I think you’re a fantastic mum and you absolutely dote on your kids. Considering your circumstances and the things you’ve been though and with Lynx having autism (not saying it’s a bad thing but you would know it can be difficult sometimes) you deserve a MEDAL! You’re only young yourself, you still have plenty of time to do things you’ve always wanted to do 🙂

    Life is definitely like a box of chocolates!

    If you ever want to write to me, (like actually write, with a pen and paper *gasp*) you’re more than welcome, I love having pen pals!

    I’m so glad I got to know you too :)!

    Jenny xxxxx

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