Exhausted mummy ……


I am tired today in every sense,physcially and emotionally.I look awful and am in a bad grumpy mood. I coueneld very easily sleep all day !! Half term is approaching and don’t I know it .The last couple of weeks have been full on .counselling ,swimming ,appointmnets and general mummy duties .Not to mention having lynx who doesn’t like to sleep and is quite demanding .

Last week was a whole week of meetings ,phone  calls and emails regarding lynx and his autism .And quite frankly I feel wiped out !!

It would be nice to have someone take care of me for  a change .

Even housework and cooking is getting to me as its the same every day !!!

Tday I really struggled to get up and then  Estelle txts me to say she has left her pe kit on the bus,on top of losing her keys !! Well that just made me feel very pissed off as that’s something else to sort out.

I could do with doing nothing today  but I have my counselling appointment and no doubt tears will come as im crying so much lately.My periods have stopped but still getting emotional so that frustrating .

So yes a very negative post but this is one shattered spotty run down mummy .





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