Letter writing challenge letter 2 …To my children


Here is the second letter given to me by jenny over at jennyinneverland.wordpress.com and this one is for my children .

Dear Estelle and Lincoln (Lynx) ,

I write this to you with a heart full of pride and love for you both .You have given me a family unit and a place to belong that I never quite had and for that I say thank you  .

I will admit I struggle being a mummy some days and when you Estelle was born I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and was very unwell .I have always been very honest that mummys head is often cloudy and muggy which can affect my mood . I am always questioning if im good enough as a mum to you both ,feeling guilty when ive snapped to much or that I cant give you everything I want to .And I don’t just mean materlistic things I mean a 2.4 family and loving grandparents .

Though I promise to always be there rooting for you as I always have !!

When I say your amazing , beautiful/handsome ,talented ,clever I mean all these things and I long for you to see yourself as I see you .

You give me hope and love and I am so proud of who you are both becoming .

I love you both very much

Love your mummy xx



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