letter writing challenge .letter 1 ……to an alien



A big thank you to the lovely jenny over at  www.jennyinneverland.wordpress.com for letting me take part in this challenge .

I will be writing 10  letters and its something very different  in each one .

So the first one is to a alien

Dear alien,

You may have a actual name sorry if you have and ive just called you alien .You can call me human if that makes it any better .Im  Charlene 31 ,how do you do ages where you come from? Where is it your from ? Tell me how its different to what you know of earth .I have 2 children so im a mum ,again how does that work where you are?

Are you to be feared as some people believe or do you fear us?

Describe a day in your life ?  Its actually quite hard to write to someone you have no knowledge of .

Write back or communicate how you do ….

From Charlene


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