book review precious thing by colette mcbeth


Remember the person you sat next to on your first day at school? Still your best friend? Or disappeared from your life for good?


Some friendships fizzle out. Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last for ever.


They met when Rachel was the new girl in class and Clara was the friend everyone wanted. Now in their late twenties Rachel has everything while Clara’s life is spiralling further out of control. Then Clara vanishes.


Imagine discovering something about your oldest friend that forces you to question everything you’ve shared together.The truth is always there .But only if you choose to see it .


A huge thank you to Colette who very kindly sent me a signed copy .

I was really excited to read this and had heard great things .

I started the bout of books readathon today and this was to of my pile to read .

The book hooks you in straight away which I love about these genre of books .

There were twists and turns and secrets .It was a very dark and chilling read ,from the start you got a sense that the best friend wasn’t all she seemed to be and in fact really haunted me from the pages .

We go with Rachel as she unravels the truth and on the hunt for even more answers .

I recently devoured The accident by C.L.Taylor and this left me feeling very similar …. eerie and freaked out .

A gripping haunting exciting read .



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