Autisms got talent


So those who follow me on twitter will have seen my tweets regarding this event .Admiitinly it was very stressful getting there and did panic we wouldnt get home ok !

I follow Anna Kennedy who is a superwoman and champion for all thing autism .I saw this event being mentioned  and knew I had to be there .

Lynx was diagnosed nearly a year ago and he really lacks self esteem and feels lost often in the confusing world.

This night brought a showcase of talent from all over the uk together onto the stage from people on the autism spectrum .

Lynx couldn’t get his head around the fact that these children were like him .He at one point said to me thank you mummy this has made me see what its inside me .Well if I wasn’t emotional enough already!

I cried ,cheered laughed and had a brilliant night.

It made us feel we belonged to something and you could feel he pride and happiness bursting in the theatre .

I recommend anyone visit especially those affected bu autism .

It is tough and even on Saturday it was hard with lynx as he was incredibly anxious but Saturday night gave us hope and belief .u

A big thank you to everyone involved in putting the event on from me and my kids especially lynx 🙂




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