Welcome to the blogger get to know me tag!
This tag was created by  Laura over at She Loves To Read

I was tagged by Tishylous world and Sams book corner so thanks very much ladies !


Tell us 5 random facts about yourself ;

  1. I am a geek and a proud one ,I love learning ,reading ,sci fi ,books ,marvel .
  2. I am adopted .
  3. I love the smell of coffee but hate taste .
  4. I love swimming and being by water .
  5. I hate custard ….yuck!!


when is your birthday ?

March 26th and in the past has fallen on mothers day.

What is your favourite colour ?


What is your favourite memory ?

Well as a mum  I should say giving birth …. but I repeat giving birth ….pain!!!! LOL obviously there are lots of memories assocated with the kids . Their plays ,dance performances ,first time they walked and talked . Non kid related memory is having matt smith walk past at the dr who conference !! and also watching diversity perform at the o2,they are amazing and very inspirational .

Describe a day in your life?

Well its not very exciting and very repetive ,I moved in febraruary fuhrer away from my sons school so I spend a lot of time on buses! School days I my alarm goes off 6.30 on a good day im up as soon as that goes but mainly by 7 am .Me and lynx are then on the bus for school by 8 ,once hes at school I go swimming ,read ,have appointments and do housework .I then have to be on bus by 2.30 to pick  him up at 3.20.We are then home by 4.15 depdning on buses and also what day it is . Wednesdays my daughter goes dance and while shes there me and lynx go swimming .Evenings are dinner ,baths ,reading ,kids doing homework .When they are in bed I blog ,read ,have a bath and watch crap on tv .

However evenings can vary as my son has autism and there can be times he has meltdowns or doesn’t want to sleep.

Holidays and weekends are spent in pjs chilling ,dvd days ,baking or days out visiting the library ,museums ,parks or friends and family  My daughter is 12 going on 15 so she doesn’t do everything with us now which has been a hard adjustment for me and sometimes miss the little Estelle, though this is a new chapter 🙂 .

Name 5 of your favourite songs;

  1. pharrell Williams -happy …just does what it says on the tin .
  2. Tinie tempeh – pass out .love all his music but this is my fav
  3. Mary j blige -just fine .This song was out when I left my ex and it just represents everything going on at that time ,makes me feel strong
  4. Beyoncé -run the world .just full of girl power and it was a song that featured in Ashley banjos street dance and made me cry but happy tears.
  5. Jesse j .who you are as it about just being truthful and genuine about the real you .
  6. cheating her but writing jesse j has made me think of another song I love is whos laughing now ,there’s one line which I can really relate to from when I was called names at school ….bugs bunny . And its about rising above all that and keeps smiling 🙂

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

chocolate !!!

What is something you really dislike ?

lies and fake people ,

Summer or winter

Well Im more spring so il say summer .

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why ?

Not sure tbh as I’ve not travelled enough to say and I think living somewhere and visiting is very different. I want to visit Australia and brazil .

Name 5 of your favourite films;

  1. despicable me 1&2
  2. Beauty and the beast
  3. all the marvel hero films ,the amazing Spiderman and avengers at the top
  4. the holiday
  5. face off

If you won the lottery what would you buy ?

First of all it would be a mega holiday !! and I would treat MYSELF to all the things I see and think ooo if only ,but mainly a new wardrobe .As a mum any spare money goes on the kids so I would be selfish for a few weeks.

Favourite day of the week ?

Saturday ,no school run and the choice to spend the day how we want to .

What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

I am really rubbish at these kind of questions !! wet wipes to keep clean ,diet coke and a huge chick lit book .

Sweet or savoury?


Early bird or night owl ?

well I was always a  night owl but since moving and having earlier starts this does seem to be shifting tho im still not miss happy first thing lol .

Name 5 of your favourite books;

  1. the 50 shades of grey books….yes !! they introduced me to a whole new genre to read .
  2. matilda
  3. me before you by jojo moyes
  4. I heart series by Lindsey kelk
  5. diary of anne frank

Favourite drink

Water ,diet coke ,earl grey tea,corona and pinot grigio

Favourite animal

Frogs and dogs

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