Fiona’s writing deals with the real life cringe-worthy moments we all know so well…

A straying husband. A broken heart. And a crazy rescue dog in a town of posh pooches…

When Kerry Tambini upped sticks with her family to a new home on the coast, she couldn’t have been happier. Then husband Rob made the biggest mistake of his life…

Stranded with her children in snooty Shorling, Kerry has plenty on her plate. So how can she say no to the kids’ pleas for a dog when they’re missing their father dreadfully? Will adopting a wayward hound lead Kerry to a new love – or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

I read Fiona Gibson’s take mum out recently which was my first one of hers and I loved it so I jumped on this at the library!

Her books are hilarious and have made me laugh out loud a few times .She managers to capture daily parenting moments and create comedy gold writing . Love the character of Kerry who had her life turned upside down but manages to turn it the other way with new faces including a lovable dog .

Since I moved into my house in February I have had the thought of getting a family dog in my head so reading this made this want even stronger lol .

I cant wait to read all of her books as they are brilliant ,perfect escapism and funny .


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