Book review skeletons by jane Fallon

Jen has discovered a secret .its not hers to share ,but is it hers to keep ?
If she tells her husband Jason ,he might get over the which but will he forgive her for telling the truth ?
She might drive a wedge through their marriage .
If she tells someone else in Jason’s family-the family she’s come to love more than her own -she’s not only tear them apart but also find herself on the outside :she’s never been one of them ,after all .
But if she keeps this dirty little secret to herself ,how long can she pretend nothing is wrong ?how long can she live a lie?
Jen knows the truth -but is she ready for the consequences ?

As far as I remember I don’t think I have read any of james books before .this really caught my eye with the colourful eye catching cover and knowing it was about family secrets really intrigued me .

I found the book slow to start with and I think it did drag a little bit .However the storyline was really good and something that could easily happen to any body especially to a family that in the surface looks perfect . I’m terrible for that comparing my life to others and I think this book shows do we ever know what’s really going on behind closed doors?

This book makes you think what would do with a big secret ? It shows the impact of a secret being revealed and shows the complex issues surrounding families .

A book that makes you think about morals .


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