Well its been a while and every time I have gone to write a post I’ve struggled as out of practise !

So my little family has now moved from a cramped 2 bed flat to a house with the luxury of a garden an the children now have their own bedrooms .We have waited a long time and are very happy.

However it has been a big upheaval and we are all still adjusting to the changes ! As anyone and everyone knows who’s ever moved will know how stressful moving is . The million phone calls ,emails packing and unpacking. We also have gone from private to council so you move in with no carpets etc so its preparing myself for a lot of saving and decorating to get the house feeling like home. I have done lynxs bedroom and last night he slept in his own room after  being in with me for weeks !  This is strange as he now has his own space for the first time ever.

As always when life is hectic my health suffers ! I have had a water infection and have pulled  a muscle in my back .  This resulted in me visiting urgent care last week and was advised  to slow down … I did laugh ! So that put a halt to my decorating plans and also plans on hitting the pool! So ive took doctors advise and had a few lazy days ,well lazy as possible with 2 kids lol .

Its all change regarding the kids lives too as we live further away from the schools so it involves lots of traveling which does get tiring .I have put lynxs name down for the local school so fingers crossed he wont have too much of a wait .Though this will be difficult as he will be starting somewhere new and have to make new friends etc which he struggles with and unsettles him due to his autism .

Anyway that is all for now just wanted to get back into the blog .

write again soon

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