Book review : The one plus one

I wasn’t going to do this prior to me moving on Monday but don’t want to get too busy and forget . It’s fresh in my head and heart after finishing earlier tonight .

The one plus one by jojo moyes
Published 27th February 2014

I was very lucky to win a advance copy on goodreads ,It come as a pair so I have the other one to my sister who I think will love it !

I can’t remember if I have read any of her other work but I know now after reading this I will be !

It tells us the story of Jess a single mum holding down 2jobs with 2kids and shows us her roller coaster of a life .
As a single mum I could relate so much and there were 2 lines I. Particular that made me emotional and would like to thank the author for writing them .I felt like the book wS talking to me and at such a crucial time in my own journey .
It shows in life you never quite know what’s round the corner and that we all in same way can be in for a bumpy ride.
I fell in love with ed who in my opinion was a modern day knight in shining armour and keys face it we would all like that !
Go and read this book and expect to be filled with hope and have your heart warmed on this story of family ,love and life .


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