book reviews ….. GEEK GIRL 1 AND 2


Estelle had read these last year and loved them recommending that I read them .I have corresponded with the lovely Holly  Smale via twitter and hearing even more rave reviews I knew I had to read . I also brought Estelle tickets to a event at  Southbank where holly will be so I had to make sure I read them !!

The books are hilarious and I really giggled at some parts and gasped at others. I could also see myself in Harriet the main character with how things have a habit of going bit topsy turvey for her . We watch her transform from a geek at school again I can relate to the geek in a whole different world .  It touches on bullying ,love ,friendships ,family and basically fitting in .

However ultimately I believe Harriet doesn’t need to fit in she just needed to believe in herself  and I think she does by the end of model misfit .

I look forward to the next instalment in Harriet’s story !!

You can follow the lovely Holly over at twitter @HolSmale


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