A-Z of me 😃

After seeing several people on my twitter doing this I thought if give it a go 👍
A is for Aries my star sign
B is for my favourite things books !
C is for my name Charlene
D is for dogs as I’m more of a dog lover than cats
E is for Estelle my daughter
F is for frogs my fav animal
G is for glasses which I used to need to wear
H is for my annoying curly hair
I is for my interest in psychology
J is for January and June when my children were born
K is for kisses .perfect from my kids x
L is for my son Lincoln lynx for short
M is for Being a mum
N is for naughty foods !!
O is for my obsession with Heros
P is for pjs aren’t they comfy !!
Q is for ps and qs …hate rude people !
R is for reading which I love to do anywhere and anytime
S is for My love of swimming
T is for Tom hardy who I adore !!
U is for Staffordshire university I went to bt left
V is for violet which is like purple which is my fav colour
W is for the wii which I use to exercise
X is for ….well I have a annoying ex ?? Lol
Y is for being told I look younger than I am quite often
Z is for zzzz I love my naps

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