Incredible book hangover!!!

3  days on and I’m still thinking of TRAVIS MADDOX!! I picked this book up as a bargain in the works and I had heard good things. I started reading early evening and in between sorting kids out etc. I finished in the very early hours of sat morning .I ended up crying after reading this book and you tubing videos of it and Google images of Travis lol I even ordered walking disaster straight away. When a book really affects me I struggle to move on to another book leaving me with what I call a book hangover also wanting to find my own Travis. I laughed smiled and cried and even felt my heart which has nt been warmed by a man for a while melt! 11505797 BD3 abby-abernathy-beautiful-disaster-beloved-book-Favim_com-762364 b557fd7f5255b6f5b9fe005bc8853026







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