20 things about me

Just for fun and for anyone nosy enough to know 20 things,they could get boring  lol

  1. Favourite colour is purple
  2. Starsign is aries
  3. Favourite animal is frogs
  4. I don’t like coffee
  5. I don’t smoke
  6. Love earl grey tea
  7. Chocoholic
  8. Love spicy food
  9. I believe in ghosts
  10. love superheros !!!
  11. I am  married not yet divorced
  12. love books and librarys
  13. Love swimming
  14. I cant ride a bike
  15. marmite….yuck!!
  16. I have been in newspaper more than once
  17. I am adopted
  18. I am messy and unorganised
  19. night owl not early bird
  20. im not a big fan  of shopping …yes I am female lol





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