My baby going to big school

This sept saw a very big change for me as a mum and one I had openly been dreading ! My beautiful daughter started secondary school and she was very ready for this next step .however mummy wasn’t ! For me it represented change and a end of a era . Where have the years gone? Will she b ok? Will she go off the rails? Will she get good grades? These were some of the many questions going over in my head and for someone who suffers with anxiety it was a struggle.
It also brought memories to me of less happier times of when I was 11 and I think I’ve struggled relating to Estelle at times because she’s not had the same experiences as me and this has caused friction and problems in communication between mother and daughter.
she has pushed the boundaries and tested me since the summer really and this is all about her finding who she is however I’ve had to reevaluate my parenting skills which has been quite let’s be honest we as mums don’t want to admit we could be wrong ? Due to my past being a good mum is very important to me and I probably put too much pressure on myself at times .
However we are approaching half term and I’m pleased to say Estelle is really happy and settled in year 7 .shes organised with her homework showing dedication bt also made new friends which she sees most weekends and going to the schools Halloween disco . The relief that I can say this is brilliant and a weight off my shoulders !
Now just need to curb the little chip on my wonderful daughters shoulders lol



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